Types of therapy include:

Individual Therapy
Individual therapy is provided to children and adolescents. Through the use of therapeutic skills and techniques the therapist assists clients in exploring thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the trauma sustained from the abuse.

Family Therapy
When a traumatic event such as abuse occurs, the whole family is impacted. In family therapy, the therapist assists the family members in identifying how the abuse has affected the family system. By giving the family the opportunity to work through the traumatic issues together, the members can learn how to be a supportive unit.

Group Therapy
The adult groups focus on parenting and abuse issues and receive support, guidance, and education regarding their child’s victimization. The children and adolescent groups focus on communication, social skills and building coping skills.

Play Therapy
Play therapy provides the tools (toys and activities) and the atmosphere to help children express themselves, work on the problems, “try on” different solutions, and learn more effective coping methods. Through play, children gain understanding and mastery of the world around them.