BCAC makes a difference

The mission of Brazoria County Alliance for Children, Inc. is to provide services and meet the needs of abused and neglected children by partnering with law enforcement and other social service providers within Brazoria County.

It’s all about the children

BCAC will provide all necessary services to let a child recover from the effects of the trauma as a result of child abuse and put her/him on a path towards a full, productive and happy life. The initial focus is on crisis intervention and management, but BCAC’s added value is delivered in the form of hope and healing through therapy.

A consistent demonstration of unyielding and uncompromised integrity in support of carrying out our mission and in the delivery of services. We act with honesty and adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical values and principles through our personal and professional behavior.

Trust and trustworthiness go hand in hand with how we conduct ourselves, as we sustain a culture that is based upon ethical conduct. We expect our actions to be consistent with our words, and our words to be consistent with our intentions. We hold ourselves accountable for our words and our actions. We accept our responsibilities, share leadership in a democratic spirit, and subject ourselves to the highest standards of public trust. We uphold the highest standards of fairness, act as responsible citizens, respect equality and the rights of others, and treat all individuals with dignity. We treat clients, collaborative partners and our peers equitably and place the highest value on truth and accuracy. We place a higher value on teamwork and expanding and sharing knowledge rather than on recognition or ownership. We pledge to make wise use of our resources and be good stewards of financial, capital and human resources.

2015 Brazoria County Statistics

641 Confirmed victims of child abuse/neglect
3 deaths as a result of child abuse/neglect
376 Forensic Interviews conducted at Brazoria County Alliance for Children
85 Medical Exams conducted at Brazoria County Alliance for Children
Provided Child Abuse Prevention/Awareness Training to 250 individuals
Provided 146 hours of therapy to 127 clients

BCAC - helping develop healthy relationships